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Are metaverse wedding #NewNormal in India?

Metaverse marks the beginning of a new era in terms of our virtual reality. Covid brought virtual reality closer than it had been a few years ago and now people are getting more and more comfortable with the new normal. Metaverse is the latest addition to this world of technology and has its own share of pros and cons, especially for our brides sitting across different continents of the world.

The dystopian future isn’t that far off now. Even though weddings on a metaphysical plane still feels rather a far-fetched reality, they are much closer than what we imagine. Very recently an Indian origin couple, from Kerela decided to tie the knot using the metaverse platform hence opening a new path for our future generations.

With everything virtual becoming the new normal, it does feel like even virtual weddings are gonna be a part of the movement. However, the shift is a little more gradual here compared to other industries. Calling virtual weddings on the metaphysical plane the new normal won’t be right as of now but we’re certainly moving more and more in the direction where this day isn’t far off.